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Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repair in Lawrenceville

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Storms are unpleasantly common experiences in Metro Atlanta, constantly leaving all kinds of damage in their wake. After enduring one of these overwhelming events, reach out to Watertite Exteriors. Even minor leaks need to be dealt with quickly before they lead to worse results. We can provide fast and effective storm damage repair in Lawrenceville to get residents back on their feet.

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Kinds of Storm Damage

Following a storm, there is bound to be some sort of damage. Although leaks are certainly a common result, not all damage presents itself in this fashion. It is important to be aware of the multiple types of deterioration that appear in a roof following a storm. This way, residents can alert professionals that they require rapid support with restoration.

Some kinds of consequences homeowners deal with include damage caused by:
  • Wind – Roofs today have been constructed to endure powerful winds. Nevertheless, even with cutting-edge advances in roofing technology, roofs can still experience damage. If wind gusts have been especially intense, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and even clay tiles may break loose.
  • Rain – A little drop of rain can hardly hurt even the weakest roof. When these drops accumulate in the form of a downpour, however, they are liable to flood the foundation, gutters, and walls. Roofs are just as susceptible over time to excess water, which can cause warping, leaking, and mold.
  • Hail – Although hail tends to come in brief bouts, these pelting little stones can quickly cause a lot of damage. On account of sheer force and speed, hail is known to crack or break asphalt shingles and clay tiles. It can even dent metal roofing as well.
  • Fallen tree branches – Even if the wind and rain from a storm have not directly hurt a residential roof, these natural forces may bring down branches. In some cases, they can even topple entire trees, leading them to crash down onto roofs. A large enough hole caused by flying debris may require total roof replacement.
  • The Benefits of Professional Support with Insurance Claims

    When a devastating storm has hit, property owners are likely going to feel overwhelmed with picking up the pieces. Insurance companies are supposed to help ease the burden by providing financial relief for restoring roofs, siding, gutters, and more. Unfortunately, the forms required for insurance claims are often so complicated that it is challenging to even know where to start. Homeowners quickly feel stressed and end up resigning themselves to paying the bulk of the costs for repairs.

    The good news is that coming to a professional for help can instantly relieve any anxiety about filing insurance claims. Our roofing specialists are highly experienced in helping residents navigate the insurance process. Let Watertite Exteriors aid in collecting all the necessary documents to move forward.

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