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The Best Roofing Solutions for Your Home in Metro Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Having a sturdy roof is an essential requirement for any house. Thanks to our reliable roofing services in Lawrenceville, residents in Metro Atlanta never need to be worried about the rain. From rapid repairs when the roof is failing to designing a completely new roof, we are the team to call. Our dedicated team members at Watertite Exteriors provide reliable support for any type of roof. For all questions related to slopes, styles, or materials, just get in touch with our knowledgeable specialists.

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The Difference Between Reroofing & Replacement

Homeowners often wonder whether they need to replace their entire house’s roof when it does not display a lot of deterioration. In certain circumstances, reroofing may be an option rather than full roof replacement. During reroofing, a layer of roofing is placed on top of the current layer. This process is much cheaper than taking out old shingles, and it can be completed quickly as well.

However, reroofing can only be used one time, so a roof that has already received this treatment is ineligible for another. If there are too many holes in a roof, or if it has lots of missing or broken shingles, reroofing is not optimal either. When the bottom layer of a roof has been damaged past the point of repair, taking out rotten or damaged roofing is best. The new replacement will then be much more capable of lasting for several decades.

When to Schedule Repairs for a Roof

A roof must endure a lot of unfavorable conditions on a regular basis, especially in Georgia. The area of Metro Atlanta is subject to all sorts of hurricanes, hailstorms, windstorms, and tornados. The scorching sun and humidity will also erode the roof away, leaving worn shingles or granules in the gutters. Scheduling timely repairs is an important way to keep the roof safe.

Schedule repairs with professional roofers whenever noticing:
  • Broken, cracked, or loose shingles and tiles
  • Shingles that appear bald because the granules have gone missing
  • Spots where the roof is letting in sunlight
  • Wet patches on the walls and ceilings from leaks
  • Types of Roof Installations

    When seeking a new roof, whether for new construction or replacing an old roof, it is good to get dedicated help. Deciding on the best roof involves a lot more than just choosing the style and color. Without a professional, it is difficult to know whether the selected slope of a roof will hold the chosen kinds of materials. Stone, clay tile, or other heavy substances may cause a roof to collapse with the wrong kind of slope. Let our techs at Watertite Exteriors provide the right kind of guidance for a proper installation.