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Roof Installation in Lawrenceville

Expert Residential Roof Installation Services in Metro Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Looking for a sturdy roof to protect your household from the blustery winds and intense sunlight? Our team at Watertite Exteriors offers reliable roof installation in Lawrenceville. We also specialize in thorough roof replacements. After all, the hard work that a roof does on a daily basis means that the internal beams will gradually weaken in integrity.

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A Detail-Oriented Process of Installation

During the installation process, it is important that the professionals who are in charge have a methodical series of progression. Skipping any steps not only results in a sloppy, unappealing appearance of the whole house, but subjects it to rapid disrepair.

A professional roof installation should always consist of three key parts, including:
  • A strategic consultation – Before having a new roof or replacement installed, it is crucial to discuss personal preferences with a knowledgeable team of roofers. They can help plan the roof from top to bottom, taking into account the house’s shape, size, and angle of its slope. Even if residents are unsure about their options, an experienced company can provide creative ideas for inspiration.
  • Detailed preparation – Getting ready for a new roof requires a lot of forethought and planning. The logistics of the installation must be carefully planned to make your preferences become reality. This includes measuring the dimensions of the house so that the roof melds seamlessly with the walls. Any potential issues with flashing or gutter placement will be addressed at this point.
  • An effective installation – A team of specialists will begin to construct the roof, ready at any time to explain the next steps of the process. Residents can count on our team to be timely, making sure that the installation causes negligible disruption at the property.
  • Types of Roofs

    There are so many new types of roofs available that it can be difficult to select one. Fortunately, our knowledgeable professionals are ready to explain the distinctions. With detailed info about each material type, choosing the best option will be much easier.

    The most popular types of roofs residents look to be installed include:
  • Asphalt shingled roofs
  • Wood shingle roofs
  • Composite roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Stone tile roofs
  • Metal sheathing roofs (such as aluminum or steel)
  • How to Tell When a Roof Needs a Full Replacement

    Generally, people would prefer to repair their roofs rather than resort to replacing the whole thing. However, after many years, it is no wonder that a roof will not be able to withstand any more wind, rain, or scorching sun. If a roof is a few decades old, and it has required multiple repairs recently, it is likely in need of a valuable replacement. Patches that are missing too many shingles require a brand-new base, so let our techs at Watertite Exteriors know right away.

    To resolve the issue of a new roof quickly, call now at (678) 597-8493 to ask any question about a roof installation in Lawrenceville.